Tuesday, July 17, 2012

March to July, time flies

Well, holy cow harry!  (Yes, that's me, corny old-fashioned phrases user!  If you want current hip trendy phrases, do NOT come here, ya'll! hee hee!) 

It has been wayyyy toooo looooong since I wrote a blog post!

I was looking at the last few I wrote, and that seems like both a long time ago, and yesterday.  And now, 4 months later, I wish I had written all during these 4 months.... if wishes were fishes....

It has been hard.  And good.  And getting better.

In some ways, I feel like we are much more settled now.  We have gotten used to our new city, new neighborhood, new school.  Wow, that is a ton of the word 'new" there.  Shows all the new-ness.  And alot of new-ness can be very tiring.  Exciting and wonderful in some ways, but mainly tiring.  Hence, the not writing blog posts.  Exciting newness is probably all great when one is a 20-something youngster, with just their own one human self to take into account, to take care of.  But when you are two middle-aged humans, with two young humans, and two senior citizen canines, man, it is quite a different story.  New-ness is overrated.  Sameness, consistency, routine, familiarity, these are what those six creatures thrive on.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying I am endorsing we four humans to become boring or not learn new things or do new adventures.  Not at all.  It is the home base staying known, that is they key.

Known.  Knowing.  Those are words that sum up what we have dealt with since moving here 5 months ago.  Getting to know our area, our neighbors, our school, where to go, where things are..... a lot of knowing being learned.

It feels like we've reached a kind of finish line.  Not an all-the-way-done finish line.  There are still boxes in a storage room yet to be unpacked.  There are still many more new things we need to set up here, where to go for this, where to go for that.  But it feels good.  Symbolic somehow that we have come from moving here in the stark cold February winter, (remember my "They are wearing SKI MASKS on their Sunday walks, people!" haha!) to the lush green, balmly, hot sunny days of July summer.  I wished I would've chronicled the change of season here, it would've been so much fun to tell you all about that, but I can start from here.  I seem to want to say I was too busy living those changes to write about them?  But that is the life of a writer.  If you are going to write about something you are experiencing, you really cannot, or should not, wait until the pace calms down to write about it.  Because, fortunately, blessedly, the pace keeps on going!  We keep on experiencing new exciting adventures!  So, I will dash out, zap out, blurt out, daily life here on my blog, without waiting for the time for calm literary reflection!  Hooray!  English professors with red markers need not participate! hahahaha!  I will not worry about writing perfection, just writing that is sharing!

Happy Summer!  I am soaking up every single gosh darn day, because Back to School is gonna be here before we know it!  (see, old-fashioned phrases is me! hee hee!)

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