Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our first family trip to Cape Cod

Cape Cod


New England

I had always dreamed of one day living on the East Coast.  Maybe it was the English major in me.  All that academia, history, the land of literature.

But I didn't expect it to feel like coming home.  I've lived here for only 5 months now, during the latter part of a winter, one springtime, and half a summer.  And yet, it continues to feel so natural, like "Ahh, yes, this is where I am supposed to be."

Is it because I lived for awhile in Cambridge as an infant?  No, I don't think so.  I think it is because of alot of reasons.  One of them is that I have realized I am a woods person.  A green trees person.  A rugged coast type person.  I loved growing up spending summers in Los Angeles.  I still consider myself a huge fan of LA, of 12 months per year sunshine, sandy beaches, flip flops, outdoor living.  And when I visited Sedona, I had thought I might want to retire there someday.  I considered myself a lizard type person, who loved the dry heat and to soak up the sun's rays.  (Well, through sunscreen.  My sun's rays soaking up days for a tan was over decades ago.)

Now I think I would miss the seasons too much.  Having lived in New Jersey for the last 12 years, I have enjoyed every year the change from hot summer to cool fall, the leaves changing colors, the snow, and the return of spring.  Raising children in the seasons is an added pleasure.  My kids are growing up in the yard, investigating fuzzy caterpillars, putting fireflies in their bug boxes, gathering autumn leaves, and building snowmen.

I had been to Cape Cod once, 20 years ago, before I met my husband.  It was a short visit, I borrowed a friend's Jeep, and drove up the coast to Maine, took a boat to Nantucket, which was so pretty, with its cobblestone streets, and quaint charm.

We were so excited to go to Cape Cod together as a family for the first time.  It was a lovely holiday, reunited with friends-who-are-family, playing baseball, body surfing at the beach, building sandcastles, and eating scrumptious food.  My heart was full while watching fireworks, with my seven year old daughter on my lap, the smell of sand and sea in her hair, her stuffed animal on her lap.  Life is such a blessing, and I am appreciating every single day of it.

Isn't it the cutest little cupcake of a house?!!
Don't you just want to pinch its little cheeks?!!

And you walk out the door to this view:

I would love to be a boat person.
Except for all the seasickness I get.

My hearts.

My girl.

After body surfing fearlessly,
(with me hovering fearfully. Hey, I grew up with Malibu's riptide.)
they engineered complex waterways for their sandcastle.

7 yr old Ashley and I had so much fun
making this patriotic dessert together.

I enjoyed my morning stroll while everyone snoozed.
I rejoiced upon finding a Starbucks.
Coffee is good.

Me and my coffee dug this morning view.

I just loved walking by all the architecture of Cape Cod.

A lovely sunset to end a lovely day.

I look forward to many future adventures in Cape Cod with my family.  We are New England transplants.  It's gonna be a good ride.


  1. Stop it! You're making me miss Massachusetts.

  2. I hear you! Hi Medical Mama! Okay, can I beeeee more excited for you to be beginning medical school??!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!! Hey, if anyone can give you support and encouragement about pursuing goals and dreams "later in life," it is me right?!! Cannot wait to hear every single step of your journey. Oh heavens, will you even have a spare moment to type one word on your blog while in med school?! Maybe it will be a great way to keep a journal type memory keeping of this journey.... imagine how much your kids will love having that to read someday?! Their mom beginning med school at age 41?!

    1. I should've written that as a Reply, obviously. I'm new to this blogging stuff, lol.

  3. Thanks for sharing Liz! I always thought I would eventually live in New England. Somehow I ended up in NJ!