Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We're here! And it's *#%@* cold here!

Okay, so will any of us be surprised that my very first thought, and therefore first sentence of my first blog post from my new state of Massachusetts, is......

It is cold.

Very cold.

People, out for their weekend leisure walks, are wearing ski masks.


With the windchill, it is 13.


hee hee hee!

Is that sound of me cracking?!  Did all the pressure of the last several months lead up to me snapping, crackling, popping, my sanity, while seeing ski masks?!


It is February.  In Massachusetts.  Of course I knew it would be cold.  Freezing cold.  Ahhh, the hilarity of all the New Jerseyans teasing me how much colder it was in Massachusetts!  Me, the California-beach-lovin' girl?  I thought I had it down.  Had it handled.  Had it beat.  Um, hullo?!  I've been living in New Jersey for 12 years people!  My blood has thickened!  A LOT.

And then I got here.

And saw MASKS.

Here's me, with my flimsy regular winter hat.

Massachusetts weather LAUGHS at this hat.

I texted this to some friends to show I had safely arrived.
(and yes, to a fellow-coffee-loving friend, hence DD in background!)

Okay, um, Liz, are you going to tell us anything else besides the temperature?!

Oh, right.  My brain is indoors now, and has defrosted.

Our caravan of 2 cars, 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs, survived the journey.

Another day I will regale you with tales of a dog getting into people food, and all that resulted...

But I digress.

We survived driving away from our home.  Ashley and I hugged the house. Yes, we did.

I had already said a lot of goodbyes to our house, and our tree in the yard, and all our wonderful friends, and then the moment came to shut the door.  For the final time.  Aack, I cannot even type this without getting misty-eyed again.  I hugged Craig in the threshold of our doorway, and then got on with it.

We are here.  We have survived motel life.  (No offense to motels, but I am not a fan. I find them usually grimy and not clean and etc.... we needed a dogs allowed motel.... I found this one clean and not skeevy. (how do I spell that?  should I refer to a junior high school dictionary?  am i too old to use that term?)

I knew it would take time for all of us to get adjusted, but I don't think I knew how shell-shocked we would all feel. 
I have been saying that phrase a lot lately.  "Wait, what?!"  Apparently I did not coin this phrase, (yes, I know I did not!), because Craig purchased for me a tshirt with this slogan on the front.

Another phrase occurred to me, when seeing ski masks during 13 degree windchill: "This was not in the brochure."  hee hee, Welcome to Massachusetts, Liz! Get used to it!

We went out to dinner our first night.  This photo (dark cell phone pic) made my heart smile, "A family reunited."

And I texted this pic, of this glorious margarita, to my girlfriends, letting them know I was officially celebrating reaching the finish line!  (those of you squeamish about any and all alcohol references will probably feel the need to avert your eyes often on my blog, because I make frequent humorous (attempt at humorous?) references to alcohol in my life!)

Even though we arrived on Saturday afternoon, we did not go see our new house until
Sunday.  The kids and I had never seen our new home in person, only online photos.  This was one of the surreal/unique/frustrating/put-on-your-big-girl-pants parts of this move.  Craig helped out his family by being in MA and searching for the right house for his family.  My wonderful girlfriend and her husband offered to watch our kids while I flew up to look for houses, but, for many reasons, it just was not the right decision to try and do this, the main one being that I did not want my very geriatric and sore joints dogs to have to spend time in a kennel.

It was wonderful to see the outside of our house today in person, but we are not able to access inside the house until tomorrow.

So, here I am, at the crack of dawn, on the day I will both see the inside of our new house for the first time in person, and the day I will move into our new home!

When next you hear from me, I will be HOME!

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