Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We are in our home!

"You done good, Craigy."

Thank you for all you've done for your family, my husband.
Thank you for working in Boston for 3 months, while missing us.
Thank you for spending many weekends in MA finding a home for us.
And thank you for finding THIS home.

We are IN LOVE with our new house!

The kids love it!  Aidan ran around in circles in the family room, and made "snow angels" on the carpet, yelling how much he loved our new house!  (but this is not new behavior, as he is cuckoo everyday! lol!)  I love it!  Craig loves it!

And the yard.

Now begins what will probably be eons and eons of me writing about the yard.


It feels like living in a national forest.

It feels like living in the woods.

And I love that. A LOT.

At night it is silent, like camping.  At night I can see many more stars, like camping.

I love woods.  I have always loved woods.  I have realized that about myself the last 12 years, while living surrounded by many wooded areas in New Jersey.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to ALL of my friends and loved ones and family members who
laughed together with
cried together with
brought coffee
brought donuts
brought soup
and were totally THERE for me/us during this loooong transition.

I could NOT have done it WITHOUT all of you!! xoxo

We made it to the finish line!

We are HOME!

We all feel so grateful.  So glad to be all back together again.  So glad to have the blessing of this home.  So glad that our very senior citizen doggies are still with us.  So grateful.

I will write more another day, I have to go be in the yard now!

This was the view out my window as I woke up first time in our new home.
I took it as a good sign.

big rocks in our yard

I love stone walls!

I love the huge boulders in our yard!

our first night in our new home!

just hours after moving in, it felt so nice to already have
our table with tablecloth, and cozy pjs.

a girl and a girl dog

Cracking up!
trying out their new sled, sans snow (when will it snow again?!)

my beloved Dakota

my 2 cutiepies in their new yard

yard is half grass and half woods type thing


  1. Hi Liz, Great to see the pics, but miss your smiling face at church. Hope the move and unpacking isn't too laborious. I really enjoyed the pics of the backyard and hope to see some of the inside. Lori Bierman

    PS Where did you get that great dog bed? We need to get a new one for our greyhound, she likes the bolster part.

    1. Hi Lori!
      Thanks for writing!
      Yes, I will post pics of inside, it's still all towers of boxes! Might even post pics of towers of boxes! heehee!
      I remember Ashley and I chose that dog bed at the Petco in Piscataway.
      I've enjoyed seeing your greyhound pics! Hooray for doggie love!